Choose Best Schools in Sharjah for Quality Education to your Children

It is important to choose best school for your child to offer them quality education. If you look at the best schools in Sharjah, you shall find the Far Eastern Private School being one among the top schools in Sharjah welcoming students into pre-elementary, elementary and secondary education. The school was established by Sir Ahmed Al Ansari and Madam Maria Teresa Sales Al Asnari in the year 2001implementing Philippines curriculum to offer best education to the children. The school was able to make into the top school list in Sharjah for their commitment to make the student excel academically and at the same time develop into an intellectually mature and spiritually oriented person to lead a quality life. The school takes lot of care about each individual student with the help of their eminent staff who are dedicated in shaping the future of the child with best education and co-curricular activities. The schools aim in moulding the student be firm and clear on principles they should follow in life, courageous and resolute in their actions. They groom every child to be an individual with self confidence providing a holistic education in the world.


The FEPS works with a vision to become a globally competitive centre with academic excellence to develop children guided by the values like honesty, brilliance, continuous development, team work, speed, hard work and nature loving along with being god fearing and upright individuals irrespective of the gender, race, creed, culture or ethnicity. The school in fact helps the students to unlock their true potential and soar high aiming for the best that suits to their interests. The teachers support students and encourage them to equip with knowledge and outstanding life skills that would make them globally competent to shape their future. The school also encourages the role of the parents making them part of in many school events like foundation day, family day, sports day etc. The school has the best infrastructure and equipment that offers a wonderful learning environment to the children. The staff are highly qualified and experienced to teach and offer their support for every child to unlock their true potential. The FEPS school also has best transport facility for picking and dropping the students.


You can go through their curriculum, departments, co-curricular activities and academic schedule before seeking admission in the school. You can fill in the online application for the admission process. With the best standards maintained there is no doubt why FEPS ranks one among the best schools in Sharjah.